Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022

The Work at Home Nightmare

The work at home entrepreneur has many obstacles to face. Typically the notion begins as we are heading off to a disgruntled job, leaving our kids behind to face a day that we are simply fed up with. It strikes us how wonderful it would be to leave behind the work a day world and provide for our families at home. Once the notion strikes, and it tends to strike hard, we begin the exhaustive search for the perfect work at home business.

How frustrating! There are literally thousands of businesses on one single website that are promising us time and fortunes. If we want to know what they are all about, we have to fork over some hard earned cash only to discover that the business plan is out of our reach or the product is marginal, or it just simply isn’t something we can do. home business

I love those work at home business plans that promise success in one month. You fork over your $49.95 to find out that if you want to make any money you have to chunk down thousands of dollars in advertising, seminars, and product. They guaranteed your money back, didn’t they? Ever try to get your money back from one of those work at home business plans? You have to provide proof that you did everything they told you to do, and often a few of those things can never be proven. How do you prove you followed the script when you finally got your first prospect, if you ever get there?

In the end you do what they wanted you to do in the first place and you eat the initially cost as well as any other cost you incurred and you are still stuck with the job you resent. Unfortunately, you can spend a lifetime going through the same revolving door while trying to find a better way. Yet you refuse to give up because you know that there is an answer out there somewhere.

The Work at Home Business Plan Success

You are right. There is a work at home business plan out there that will allow you to work your way to freedom in a relatively short period of time. In fact, there are many. The work at home industry has wised up a bit and the truly competitive business will give you all the information you need to know without forking over a dime.

These particular work at home business plans have discovered that people are tired of being ripped off and lied to, and they decided to do the right thing and actually talk to people. Informed people who make a solid business decision are more likely to stick around and build their work at home business. It just makes sense. Selling people information they can’t use only runs for so long before the general work at home industry becomes wise to the scheme.

Here’s a basic work at home business plan theory. It’s completely my own but I have found that it works. Anything that comes in through your inbox will make someone money. That person needs to have a lot of start up capital and be fairly internet business savvy, but all of those programs are making someone money. I have discovered they won’t make me any money. Unless you have ample start up capital they probably won’t make you any money either.



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