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The OnePlus Nord series from Nokia has taken the smart phones world by storm. The first One Plus brand phone from the brand was the incredible Nokia E71 that changed the way we used mobile phones. Now the company has taken a new design philosophy and added a few extra features to its already outstanding smart phone line. The brand name Nokia has long been synonymous with quality, but the E71 seemed to surpass even the high standards once set by the brand. While it may have fallen short of the high expectations, the One Plus series has been praised many times over for its unique design and solid performance. oneplus nord 2

While the E71 showed a beautiful color combination on a metallic body, the onerous for 2 offers a different look with a classy black design. Both phones have a rectangular appearance with one big button on the top and a few buttons on the sides. The home key is located on the right side while the control key is located on the left side. The sides of the phones are flush to the touch and have soft touch buttons, which makes them easier to use than the slippery keys found on some phones.

The Oneplus series continues to stay at the mid-range price point with excellent quality for the consumer. It has an upgraded version of the Oneplus platform and includes a high-speed octa-core MSMM processor, 1.5 GB of DDR3 RAM, a quad-core Adreno 430 chip, a high resolution camera with auto focus and image stabilization, USB interface, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, an 8 MP camera with OIS lens, an ultra-slim SIM card, and a 3.5″ capacitive multi-touch display with LED backlight. The price of the phone comes in at $400 for the basic model but it is possible to buy the higher end models which has two SIM cards and larger memory cards for a much higher price. The two main manufacturers of the Oneplus series are Sony and Vodafone, who also supply the Play and Easytone control software which are preinstalled in the phones. The manufacturer also provides the OMAE adapter for the international markets.

The camera on the onerous nord 2 is the same as that of the international model, which is able to record video at up to four frames per second. It has a high-definition camera module with an auto focus and image stabilization. It is capable of recording videos at up to two hours of footage using the android 11 mobile operating system. There is no doubt that this handset will surpass the existing Oxygen OS based mobiles like the iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S due to the superior quality of its software, the high-end features and the way it has simplified the way users can enjoy their phones. The OMAE adapter has allowed the manufacturers to provide a lot more value to their products, which they have done by adding applications such as the Knox Composer, a word editor and an image editor which not only make the existing apps much more robust but also gives the company the ability to offer different functionalities to the user.

Despite the smaller screen size of the onerous nord 2 compared to the iPhone 5s, it still manages to pack in a lot of features and software into a sleek and compact design. It comes with an impressive display which is 4.2 inches diagonally and has been made using a 16.4-inch touch screen, making it easier for the manufacturers to make the best use of the technology that they have provided. It comes with two hardware keys which give the user access to the keyboard and navigation buttons, which help to increase the efficiency of the phone.

Apart from the large display and the neat physical layout of the hardware keys, the other prominent feature of this handset is the large bezel that surrounds the entire unit. This helps to keep the overall design aesthetically appealing while at the same time providing users with a view of the screen that they can actually use. With all these impressive features and one, you can see how the onerous nord 2 is a revolution in the smartphone industry and one which will continue to come out with innovative devices for the coming years.

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